Industrial excellence for your business

Elisauma vous accompagne sur les thématiques d’investissement, de maintenabilité et de formations sur ces équipements.


As an industrial and equipment manager, you regularly face productivity and quality issues.

Elisauma supports you on the themes of investment, maintainability and training on these equipments.

Whether they are production or control equipment, Elisauma helps you with the different steps of their life cycle.

Why contact ELISAUMA?

A disruption to your industrial park

  • AND you know how much it costs you…
  • OR you don’t know how much it costs you…

No disruption to your industrial park

  • BUT you would like to optimize its operation
  • OR you would like to prevent a possible disruption (obsolescence, reliability, cyber security, production quality, etc.)


ELISAUMA puts its knowledge and experience at your disposal and relies, in complete independence, on a network of more than 180 partners to meet your needs.


Risk analyses, obsolescence, investment & retrofit specifications, supplier offer analyses, company procedures and standards, fault diagnoses and prescriptions, etc.


Instrumentation & data acquisition, equipment testing on a test bench, prototyping of industrial communications solutions, etc.



Technical training and awareness-raising (electrical safety in industry, cyber security), interventions in schools and professional training.


Discover some of our latest achievements :

Machine communication network analysis

Commissioning of a test bench for the analysis of external communication modes of equipment using an L3 managed switch, Wireshark software and a USB – RS232 FDTI interface.

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IT segmentation of an industrial park

As part of a cross-company project, management of the Machine/Buffer interface part.

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Replacement of a digital display on industrial equipment

Following the breakdown of the original system, research, installation and training of adaptable part on the equipment (cost = 1/3 OEM parts).

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Discover the latest news in expertise, networks and cyber security with ELISAUMA

The USB key, a Maintenance tool but…

In matter of cyber security, IT services generally recommend removing USB keys. Even if the risk of infection by a virus is real in industry, this tool helps improve the response time of your maintenance staff dedicated to the controls of your machines. I am currently...


I had the opportunity to participate in this seminar organized by ETG (Ethercat Technology Group). Applications of this fieldbus protocol find a large number of uses in current and older industrial machines (via retrofit). In addition to accelerating exchanges between...